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Documentary Videos

See and hear loved ones telling their stories.

My Ethical Will

Lee wants to tell her daughter about the values that are most important to her.

The Last Orange

Barrett saw a lot of combat during World War II. Despite the hardships–or maybe because of them–he maintained a deep appreciation for the simple things: a hot meal or even a piece of fresh fruit. This video was produced for the Rotary Club of Brookline, Massachusetts, in association with the Veterans History Project.

Corporate Anniversary

This family-owned business saw a marketing opportunity with its upcoming 60th anniversary. Story Trust recorded interviews with the company’s founders and key employees to produce a five-minute video that is being used as an important sales and employee-retention tool. Here’s an excerpt.

An Alumna Remembers

Cheryl tells how her most memorable experience attending Ohio Wesleyan University (OWU) still guides her life today.

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