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What our clients are saying.

“This is absolutely terrific. You made my wandering comments sound put together! Thanks so much.”
— Doris Kearns Goodwin, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and contributor to Generalizations of a Banker, edited and published by Story Trust
“The CD that you put together for my dad and family was so well received. We played it again and again and again…Such a wonderful, wonderful gift!”
Rich Becker Jr., Boston, MA
“The books just arrived, and we are grateful to have such precious and priceless gifts to share with our family. The process of putting the book together was both rewarding and a labor of love. Thank you!”
Tom B., Macon, GA
“It was a great pleasure to work with David. I felt very at ease with him and was very comfortable telling him my life story. He knew the right questions to ask, was patient, showed a lot of interest, and was a good listener. He made it a fun project to work on, and thanks to him I have a memoir for my family.
Nadia G., New York, NY
David was, by all accounts, excellent. Not only did my father enjoy meeting and speaking with him, but David quickly figured out what key bits of information to follow, what threads to pull, and what turns to take to create a vivid story of my father’s early years and a way of life in Sri Lanka now long gone.”
M. Sanjayan, Wyoming
“I can’t thank you enough for writing a book about my mother’s life growing up in the Dustbowl years in Kansas and moving to the Boston area to raise a family of five children and six grandchildren! You have preserved her memories forever—for my children and for future generations.
Nancy J., Edgartown, MA
“I want to thank David for all the wonderful work he has done interviewing our parents. They have been raving about him—how nice he is, and how talented he is. I know he spent a lot of time with them, more than I expected! We can never thank him enough for everything.
Annette D., Arlington, MA
“Thanks for the wonderful job you did with my mom’s interviews. Your easy-going manner made it easy for Mom to quickly feel comfortable and share her stories. There’s lots of great stuff in there that I never knew! I’m really glad that we were able to capture all these nuggets of our family’s history. The finished product was beautifully presented—it is a keepsake that our family will cherish for years to come.”
— Hedrick E., Arlington, MA
“This was the best Christmas gift I have ever given to my parents. They could not stop thanking me.
John M., Holliston, MA
“Thank you for all that you’ve done with my mom’s memoir. You were absolutely wonderful to work with. My entire family and I are so thankful we did this. It is truly priceless.”
Sherry D., Newburyport, MA
“Thank you for the care and professionalism you showed in recording my mother’s stories. She had a ball and told some wonderful stories! Now, we’ll have them forever.”
Mary Lou M., Amesbury, MA
“This was a very enjoyable experience for my dad, and it has provided a treasure for our family. Thank you!”
Carrie C., Meredith, NH
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