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Oral Histories

“The human voice is the organ of the soul.” –Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

A Great-Grandmother’s Love

In this oral history, which accompanies her memoir book, Nadia wants to make it clear: she loves her family!

Three Boyfriends

Minnie was born in Worcester, Mass., as the First World War was ending, in 1918. In this excerpt, she tells how she met her husband, Frank.

Double Parked

Don grew up in Dorchester, a rough-and-tumble section of Boston. Here he tells about an early date with his future wife that left her wondering if he was the right guy.

Where The Streets Have No Names

How does the postal service deliver letters to a place where the streets have no names? Our storyteller explains how it worked in his boyhood village in Sri Lanka.

Remembering Dad

Susan, front left in the photo, fondly remembers her father. For him, “Everything was family.”

Now That’s a Prediction!

Our storyteller shares his obsession with the movies. As a boy he kept a record of every movie he saw, and here he recalls one new actor, in 1938, who showed “promise.”

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