Grab the Grandkids and Go!

Consider this: our fondest childhood memories don’t feature our parents. That’s according to psychologist Michael Thompson.

A shocking thought to those of you who are parents, right?! But it dovetails nicely with the recent (and refreshing) messages that run counter to helicopter parenting, saying essentially, let your kids go and do something without you! It will be good for them—and good for you.

And who better for your kids to spend time with than their grandparents?

There are a growing number of fantastic options for inter-generational travel, several of which are highlighted in this Kiplinger article. I hope you will enjoy perusing them and thinking of the possibilities.

Story Trust’s trip planning advice? Leave the kids’ smart phones at home. Instead, give each child a blank journal for the trip. Ask them to fill it with stories and drawings of each day’s adventures. They will be priceless additions to the family archive.

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