The Power of a Voice

“Let’s go listen to Pop laugh,” says Caroline to her five-year-old daughter.

Caroline’s father is gone, but he lives on in an oral-history recording that he did with me just a year before he died. Caroline had not listened to the recordings until two days after his sudden death.

“I spent an emotional morning listening to my father’s life story,” she recalled recently. “I called David immediately after and told him that this was the most priceless gift anyone could ever possess. To be able to hear my father talk, reminisce, and best of all, laugh—things I thought I would never be able to hear again—was invaluable.”

Recently Caroline expanded her work with me in an innovative project that she and her husband conceived of. Each year, for their daughter’s birthday, they record a letter to her, capturing in their own voices the highlights of her year and the joyous memories they made together.

We can help you capture the treasures of your family and preserve the voices and memories of your loved ones.

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