Tell It Like It Is

Thinking of writing a memoir? Then consider the tips and very personal insights of William Zinsser, author of 18 books, including On Writing Well.

Among Zinsser’s bits of wisdom:

  • Don’t try to be a “writer,” with all the fiddling and fussing over the text. Just tell your story in your own voice. Be yourself and your readers will follow you anywhere.
  • It’s okay to leave out events and people—even siblings—if they are not central to your story.
  • Don’t get bogged down worrying what others might think. Say what you want to say, freely and honestly, and finish the job. Then decide what stays in after you’ve gotten it all down on paper.
  • Remember, it’s your story. If others have a problem with your memoir, they can write their own, and theirs will be just as valid as yours.

Here’s a link to more of Zinsser’s writing tips. [GO TO LINK]

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