Food Memories

“I have never, in all these years, tasted an apple strudel that was as good as my grandmother’s. We don’t have the recipe, so I can never duplicate it. But hers was the best.”

This short recording of Susan’s nostalgia for her grandmother’s apple strudel reminds us that food is love. (It will also make you want a big slice of strudel!)



Where are your favorite recipes? If they live only in the memory of a loved one, take a moment to capture them. You will be so glad you did!


  • Scan or make a copy of the original recipe card—you’ll treasure the handwriting and the quirky measurements (“a handful of flour” or “a pinch of cayenne pepper”)
  • Type the complete recipe so it’s easy to follow
  • Document who the source is and any stories or photos associated with the recipe

For help making your family recipe scrapbook, David O’Neil or call 617-755-3283.

And if you’re feeling hungry for an old-world classic treat, here is a great recipe for apple kugel (casserole) from “Feed me Bubbe,” a video series created by devoted grandson, Avrom Honig. Enjoy it in good health, or as they say in Yiddish, Es gezunterheyt!