Preserving Wartime Letters

If a relative or loved one served in overseas combat, letters home are not only treasured possessions but a piece of history. Often lost in attics, damaged with the passage of time, or thrown away, these letters can be preserved with the right techniques. The Legacy Project “encourages Americans to seek out and preserve the personal correspondence of our nation’s veterans, active-duty troops, and their loved ones” and has these valuable suggestions.

For one woman, the discovery of a set of love letters written by her husband during the Vietnam War brought back priceless memories which—along with many others—had been stolen from her by progressive memory loss. You can watch her amazing story here.

If you’re unsure what to do with a set of wartime letters, love letters, or any other treasured correspondence, consider turning them into a coffee table book complete with photos, anecdotes, and copies of the original letters.

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